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Why Accounts Receivable Management Is Important For Business

There are plenty of aspects that help a business grow. From having a great website to building facilities in key locations, there is a near endless amount of things a company can do to establish itself in the present market. For companies that sell higher-priced services, like law firms, it can often be difficult [...]

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Three S’s of Maintaining Cash Flow at Your Firm

The Three S's of Maintaining Cash Flow The term, “you never really know a person until you marry them,” stands true in the attorney-client relationships. Because of this, it’s important to do your due diligence on prospective clients and to also encourage them to do the same for you! The [...]

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How Your Firm Can Create a Great First Impression – Every Time

How Your Firm Can Create a Great First Impression Every Time As an attorney, your support staff, particularly your intake specialists, are the ones who have the first contact with your potential clients. Therefore, they make the difference between signing the next client or not. For this reason alone, it can [...]

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