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Best Practices for Using QuickBooks Online for Trust Accounting

More than 90%* of law firms utilizing QuickBooks Online for trust accounting have it set up incorrectly.  If you are not using a dedicated system to manage your trust accounting and want it integrated with QBO, you’re in the right place. Whether your desire is to keep all of your financials [...]

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Law Firm Books Aren’t Just For Taxes

How many times have you made it to the first quarter of the year, only to realize your financials aren’t ready for your taxes?  Countless times, right?!?!  Don’t beat yourself up; this is common amongst many law firms.  Attorneys get so caught up in working on their client cases that the financials tend to [...]

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Behind the Scenes with Cathy Rath

We are excited to introduce our readers to Cathy Rath, founder of Rath Law Office in Katy, TX.  Cathy has been practicing law for over 10 years.  She had a very logical approach to get to where she is today and truly knows the value of time. Let's dive right in!  Cathy, [...]

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Behind the Scenes with Denis Kitchen

Behind the Scenes with Denis Kitchen This month we would like to introduce to you Denis Kitchen.  Denis has been practicing law for over four decades and brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience with him.  This kind-hearted man is a solo attorney in Williamsville, NY.  Let's jump right in! [...]

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