Why Accounts Receivable Management Is Important For Business

There are plenty of aspects that help a business grow. From having a great website to building facilities in key locations, there is a near endless amount of things a company can do to establish itself in the present market. For companies that sell higher-priced services, like law firms, it can often be difficult [...]

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Accounts Receivable and Collections Management in the Time of COVID

At MVO Resources, our law firm clients consistently report that one of their biggest challenges is maintaining a healthy cash flow. Law firm cash flows are often indicative of timely payments from clients. Add a global pandemic like COVID, and this task can feel almost impossible. Why is that? To understand, [...]

Calling a Client for Payment? Be Prepared!

Calling a Client for Payment?  Be Prepared! You’re owed money and are preparing to call a client for payment.  The most effective way to get clients to make a payment is to go into the call knowing all the details of the client’s account. Have you ever received a call [...]

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Three S’s of Maintaining Cash Flow at Your Firm

The Three S's of Maintaining Cash Flow The term, “you never really know a person until you marry them,” stands true in the attorney-client relationships. Because of this, it’s important to do your due diligence on prospective clients and to also encourage them to do the same for you! The [...]

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