Calling a Client for Payment?  Be Prepared!

You’re owed money and are preparing to call a client for payment.  The most effective way to get clients to make a payment is to go into the call knowing all the details of the client’s account.

Have you ever received a call from a utility provider to discuss your balance only to have them place you on hold so they can further research your account? We want to avoid that at all costs! Clients are more likely to hang up or become disgruntled when you call them and don’t have all your information together.

Questions to Answer Prior to Calling a Client for Payment

Contact Info

  • Does the client have an alias they prefer to go by? If so, be sure you utilize that name when addressing them.
  • Is there a guarantor on the account? Always call the guarantor before the client.
  • Is the client’s contact info current or do you need it updated?

Financial Status

  • Is the account on auto-pay? Only call a client on auto-pay when the payment fails or when the contract has been paid in full.
  • How much is past due? You want this paid off quickly!
  • How long have they been past due? If more than 60 days, you’ll want to consider sending to third party collections if not collected on this call.
  • When and how much was their last payment? Clients tend to dispute the details of their last payment, so have this ready.
  • How much is left on their contract? You’ll want to inform them of this as some clients will decide to pay it off right there are on the call.
  • Has the attorney agreed to cut them a deal? If this is the case, you need to be sure their account reflects this.

Case Info

  • Who is the attorney and paralegal? Sometimes clients want more details on their case and you will need to transfer them.
  • Are there multiple cases? This would mean there are multiple contracts and we want to collect on all of them.
  • What are the contract details? Have the contract in front of you should any disputes arise.

Last, but not least, take notes! Keep a detailed log of all communications with clients. This will greatly assist you with future calls.

At MVO Resources, we decrease law firms’ accounts receivables and help maintain relationships with clients in the process. To inquire about our first party collections services, contact us today!