How Your Firm Can Create a Great First Impression Every Time

As an attorney, your support staff, particularly your intake specialists, are the ones who have the first contact with your potential clients. Therefore, they make the difference between signing the next client or not. For this reason alone, it can be detrimental to your firm if you hire the wrong individual to undergo this role. So how can you guarantee your firm sees preeminent results from your intake process? Besides the obvious, ensuring the specialist has good communication & organization skills, I suggest taking some time this week to review these principles:

  1. Don’t try to be your own intake specialist. Solo practitioners and boutique firms will probably be the first ones to admit that they have attempted to add this hat, to the many that they already wear. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, there is no way you can single-handedly take on this task with the many demands this industry throws at you. Not to mention, speaking to the attorney directly is intimidating to most potential clients.

  2. Make sure they specialize in the legal industry. Training an intake specialist on legal terminology might not be difficult, however, it will take time – and time is money. Make the onboarding process easy on you and firm’s wallet by hiring an experienced legal intake specialist. It will be worth every penny.

  3. Utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage. Technology is constantly evolving to make our lives easier, so why are you still implementing old-school processes with your firm? Outsourcing your intake specialist will allow for employee retention, huge cost savings and a pain-free prospect and client experience, to say the least. Cutting-edge firms never miss a call by implementing intake processes that operate 24/7.

  1. Leave the heavy lifting up to the intake specialists. In order for your firm to truly reap the benefits that an intake specialist can provide, their duties should surpass just being an answering service. Leave the heavy lifting to the intake specialists; utilize them to assist with building client relationships and have them take charge of implementing a follow-up routine with clients you struggle to get ahold of.

After implementing these recommendations, track the number of prospects that called your office the week prior vs. the number that have set up an appointment with your firm. You won’t be disappointed.

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