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Why Outsource?

Organizations that outsource Human Resource Management are strategically choosing to add value to both the utilization of employees and the processes that impacts the overall business. When outsourcing Human Resources, your company is transferring management of these HR functions to MVO as an external provider. Oftentimes when HR is outsourced, it’s for a financial reason where the firm has determined that the time spent managing employees would instead be better spent doing their actual job function.

At MVO, we pride ourselves on customizing our services to the needs of your firm. As a result, we review your internal procedures and make recommendations and adjustments as needed to better the process.

Therefore, our services include getting to know the employees at your firm. MVO acts as a safe harbor for employees utilizing our proven processes to diffuse conflict before it becomes a true human resource situation. In addition, we work with staff members on both communication and managerial relations. Acting as the intermediate party between employees and leadership, employees feel heard while having a pro-active method for troubleshooting common HR issues.

Like Babe Ruth says, your firm is only as strong as your weakest link.

It’s our job as your Human Resource department to ensure that those weak links are equipped to develop professionally and focus on retaining top talent. While we don’t provide recruitment services, we do handle all the onboarding once a new employee is selected.

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Our Human Resource Management can be broken into the following three categories:

Human Resource categories


Employee morale, taxes & salaries, enrollment in the benefit packages, general HR communications. Benefits play a large role in retaining employees and therefore MVO sources the best benefits package to fit the firms needs.


Firm operations, nuances about the firm, onboarding, timesheet and expense reporting.


Payroll and timesheet management, PTO requests, manage accruals for PTO, commission reports for firms that do commissions. Quarterly and annual filings with all tax agencies.

Employee Reviews: Our annual review support includes analyzing data on individual employee performance.

Termination: MVO handles any employee offboarding needs such as removal from software systems, last paycheck, administers COBRA benefits, sees that any assets are returned to the firm and any corporate charge cards are canceled.



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Client Testimonials

Danielle and her team will help your firm grow! Two years ago, MVO resources began helping our firm in a bookkeeping capacity. Before long, they were handling a high percentage of our outsourced business management needs, including accounting, payroll, and client collection management. We have doubled in size since MVO came aboard. They have both helped us grow and scaled there services with us to help solve new problems that pop up. We trust Danielle so much that she is a member of our decision making team, sitting in on meetings and acting as a financial officer for the firm. I fully endorse this group, and would be more than happy to chat with anyone who wants to know more.

Danielle along with her team has helped our firm tirelessly in the past year. They are always a message or phone call away and always ready to assist with any issue. Danielle is so personable you will absolutely feel like the only client of hers. This business is well run and I highly recommend them for your management needs!

MVO Resources are experts at overseeing the management of our firm. We originally hired them for general accounting services but soon realized that their proficiency, knowledge and experience at managing a law firm became a necessity for the continued well-being and growth of our firm. Danielle and her team provide superior customer service and finesse in their field. We are grateful for their business partnership.

Danielle and her team are absolutely incredible to work with. She makes you feel like you are her only client and has a quick response to every question you may have. I would recommend MVO Resources 10 times out of 10. They have truly made my life so much easier.!

Great company that has a lot of insight and details on working with Law Firms to increase revenue and help improve overall AR policies. Highly recommended MVO for all Law Firm needs.

Eric Amerson